Procontrol Ltd. Banja Luka.

Stand out from the competition and lift the representativeness and categorization of hotels.

Installing electrical installations and systems of modern low power.

Services of design and technical supervision.
The expert team certified for Autodesk® Revit.

Why Procontrol?

1. Experience

Avoiding purely commercial policy, our strength lies in the experience of performing and practical application of distributed equipment. Today, thanks to this experience we are able to offer the most efficient systems in response to each request.

2. Modern and innovative solutions

Dealing with the implementation of modern technology, we are strictly oriented to follow the world trends in all areas of our operations, as well as the constant training and upgrading the skills of our staff. The result is that we are able to offer the most modern design solutions in accordance with all national and EU standards.

3. Development Strategy

In an effort to provide the most complete and high quality services to our clients, Procontrol Ltd. in recent years periodically expanded the scope of its activities, hiring new professional staff. Today, within the company are licensed architectural, electrical and building-constructive project biro. Our development strategy is a response to the increasingly complex and demanding project tasks.

4. Technical Support

Has long been known that the reliability and quality of service measured by the quality of technical support. Our policy is constant and consistent technical support to all of our clients and associates. On this web site you can find a section dedicated exclusively to technical support.

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